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We strive to give you the best shopping experience we can. To help us be our best, please reference below in your Okadoka journey with us. 

Hoodies "A fit" - Hands down the lightest Hoodie of the bunch but suited for folks under 5'6. 

Hoodies "B fit" - Euro fit Hoodies tend to be slimmer fitting and built for all heights but we recommend sizing up!! An example is one of the Okadoka boys is 5'8 and 165lbs and a large fits great. Over 175lbs we recommend an XL

Hoodies "C fit" - True fit Hoodies (the Champion Hoodie). These guys tend to be more baggy and fit true to the North American sizing chart. Ideal for the folks expecting some more room. 

T-shirts - We are super proud of Tee collection for both men and women. Our shirts tend to be on the fitted size and we recommend sizing up when in doubt.